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Training Seminars - all Courses Available Worldwide

ProSess International offers a series of seminars that teach methodology based on the registered ". . . by the Numbers" style and theory of Project Management which has proven to be effective in the creation and follow through of projects and their tasks. All ProSess International Training seminars follow the unique ". . . by the Numbers" 4, 3, 2, and only ONE . . . education process as described below.

"Project Management . . . by the Numbers"

This 2-day workshop provides necessary skills for a new Project Manager, while providing new, exciting ideas to the experienced Project Manager. Functional team members also benefit by learning the language, and the concepts, of Project Management.

Attendees learn a method of project management style and theory that has proven to be effective not only in the creation and follow-through of projects and their tasks, but also as a style of business management that promotes communication, organization and documentation between Project Managers, project team members and Project Customers.

"Advanced Project Management . . . by the Numbers"

This 1.5 day workshop expands the style and theory of project management established in "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" to the next level and brings the "people side" of project management into focus. Customer may select 2 of the 3 modules listed below.

"Project Management . . . by the Numbers Review"
"Project Frustrations and Resolutions"
"Behaviors . . . by the Numbers"

"Behaviors . . . by the Numbers"

The "Behaviors . . . by the Numbers" 1-day workshop explores the people side of project management. Attendees learn to understand their own behavior profile and the behavior profile of others and apply this understanding to improve communications.