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Mark Reed

Mark Reed Project Manager expert and Executive Consultant, Mark Reed, President of Mark Reed Project Management, Inc. has brought his unique "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" methodology from his ProSess International training division, to companies in 45 countries. Mark's dynamic style, humor and extensive 20+ years of experience in project management execution and training provides companies with a strong practical approach and innovative techniques for delivering over-the-top results. Mark Reed's ". . . By The Numbers" program is a lifesaver for struggling project managers and their frustrated CEO's. His innovative techniques and fast-paced, value-rich seminars have guided his clients through the difficult stages of objective definition and project planning to achieve timely and cost-effective programs and satisfied customers worldwide.

His many talents have grown from two decades of practical performance, strong organizational capabilities, business analysis and customer interface within the information technology and telecommunications industry. Mark has successfully planned and executed multi-million dollar projects. His knowledge and skills in finance, resource management, customer interface and negotiations have been essential factors for the prolific demand for his services by ProSess International clients. Clients include Blue Cross, Shell Oil, Grant Thornton, Harrah's Entertainment and Dupont Pharmaceuticals. He is also on the faculty of the American Management Association and is consistently rated one of the top instructors in this prestigious organization.

ProSess International's two day customized seminar will enable companies to meet project time, budget and objective goals in a competitive, changing global environment. Consultant / Trainer Mark Reed is also available for private consulting.

Marsha Engelsberg

Marsha Engelsberg Marsha is extremely experienced in working with groups to create high-performing teams in competitive corporate cultures. Her expertise in working with diverse groups on the implementation of the PMbtNs methodology has allowed her to energize groups of new and experienced project Managers.

Marsha comes with over twelve years of experience in project management, marketing and communications. She has a consistent track record of leading very successful projects, increasing profitability, reducing costs and enhancing business operations.

She has worked with clients in a variety of industries in countries such as Canada, England, Trinidad & Tobago, The Bahamas and The United States. Marsha has had the privilege of extensive training in the ". . . by the numbers" methodology and became a recognized "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" subject matter expert in 2012. She currently works with Project Customers worldwide.

"Our seminars are in great demand. Clients know that when they do business with us, they're getting that focused, one-on-one experience. People-managers and various levels of executives rave that "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" has not only increased efficiency within their teams but has had a positive rippling effect throughout their organizations."

Marsha is described as an energetic, charismatic and knowledgeable presenter. She subscribes to the belief that attendees of "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" sessions should take away a feeling of empowerment and capability that could be applied immediately to make their projects successful.

Today, Marsha Engelsberg Project Management, Inc. holds the worldwide exclusive rights to the "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" materials. In partnership with Mark Reed, Marsha facilitates consulting, coaching and training sessions globally.