ProSess International Project Management
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Project Management Consulting

ProSess International partners with organizations to implement "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" theory and methodology, by promoting strong communication, effective documentation and group participation. ProSess International consultants team with Senior management of any organization which results in one-on-one, hands-on, involvement and improvement in both new and existing projects. Change management and Single Customer Concept are stressed and managed.

Leadership for organizations large and small

ProSess International and "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" consulting provides organizations, large and small, the leadership necessary to successfully complete projects on time, on budget and within agreed-to parameters.

Assist your Project Managers

ProSess International consultants will use a unique approach to identifying and assisting with project management within your organization. By directing and practicing the theory and principles of "Project Management . . . by the Numbers", ProSess International consulting can direct your company towards a more successful and profitable goal of project completion.

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ProSess International Consulting has successfully:

Managed multiple project teams though a project lifecycle
Counseled and coached existing Project Managers through project lifecycles
Created customized Project Management Plans
Aided in Project Customer identification
Conducted project "kick-off" meetings to help projects begin correctly
Aided in Project Customer identification
Aided in project team role definition
Installed the "Project Management . . . by the Numbers" system into existing projects
Taken-over existing de-railed projects and brought them back on track
Assisted in many more project management related activities